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Genesis Personal Trainer based in Thame,  Oxfordshire

Genesis Personal Training | Oxfordshire | Thame | Oxford

Richard Mason
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Ways to Train

Fitness Programmes We Offer

• One-to-one Personal Sessions

The most effective way to achieve your fitness goals, with a friendly trainer bringing an enjoyable approach to physical fitness.

For these sessions, we train with cardio machines, body weight exercises, kettlebells, circuit training, and fitness testing at several venues around Oxfordshire, or available in the comfort of your own home.

Pay for ten sessions and receive £30 discount.

• Group Training

If you would rather train with a group for friends, family, or co-workers, we offer special rates for such occasions, but due to the unique nature of each group booking, please contact us with details.

One on one personal trainer in Oxfordshire

• 6-Week Intensive Programmes

Need a kick-start for that upcoming wedding, or to help you get started with your New Years resolution? We offer 6-week intensive sessions that get you started strong, and on the right foot.

• Youth Fitness Classes and Party Hire

Kid-friendly sessions using parachute play, playground games, and basic fitness drills. All sessions were tested and developed in schools around Oxfordshire to ensure safety and fun.

Specialized Training:

• Kettlebells

Kettlebells are one of the oldest forms of fitness training dating back to the 1700s.  With a kettlebell and a well structured fitness programme you have a virtually full weights gym in your hands.  Very good at burning big calories and shaping up the whole body, especially legs, glutes and core.  If you have never swung a kettlebell before give us a call and learn the basics today.

• Suspension Training

Suspension training is a unique way to train your whole body with a very effective core workout to help build that toned stomach.  Using this very simple piece of equipment will encourage your body to become stronger, improve your balance and core strength and improve your flexibility.  most of all, its great fun!!

• Online Fitness and Nutritional Coaching Online

From the comfort of your own home you can be guided every step of the way.

With updated exercise plans, meal planning and all your stats and progression logged and monitored to look back at your journey.

Click here for more information.

• Back Pain

As a level 4 specialist in lower back pain, Genesis can now offer you Lower back Pain Rehab exercise to manage your back problems. With this type of programme, we are confident that you can regain mobility, flexibility and get you back on the path to a less painful and more active future.