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Fitness excellence for the over 50s


What can I do for you?

I will try and keep this short, as I do love a natter!

My philosophy is very simple: fitness and health for anyone and any age is possible.

Over 10 years, I've helped 100s of people with back, knee and joint problems to get their fitness and vitality back.

Based in Oxfordshire I am now mobile in and around Bicester and Thame

Together we can make this a reality for you too!

I specialise in:

  • Exercise and fitness for over 50s

  • Lower back pain management

  • Weight loss and health management

It's exercise, fitness and wellness made simple!


One - one personal training

I can work with you in the gym, your  home or even online!


Specialising in

Over 50s rehab fitness

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Spexcialising in

Lower back pain management


Client Testimonials

Just a few of our sucesses

Back2it was a truly amazing experience for me. I was in a bad place when I started, and had attended a plethora of the usual options for lower back discomfort, but to little or no avail. Back2it quickly and intuitively identified the root cause, and planned out a dynamic and adaptive exercise regime in order to aid my recovery in the most natural manner. Would 100% recommend to anyone suffering with lower back problems.


Richard put me on the Back2it program as my lower back muscles kept pulling and I needed to strengthen them. Within a few weeks my back was a great deal stronger and now I put more effort into supporting my back in my lifestyle.”


I have now been training with Richard for 9 years.  I have gone from being very unfit and having any health issues with mobility and just being able  exercise for more than 20 minutes to being able to hold my own in a gym and control my various health issues.


Richard is a great personal trainer. I had never used the gym or equipment therein before and Richard has given me great advice. I have an office job and also a slight curvature of my spine so Richard was very aware of my needs with regard to ensuring I looked after and strengthened my back for the exercises I wanted to do. He is always careful to monitor me and make sure I exercise carefully even when I think I can do more. Cant recommend him enough.



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