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Let's talk about Back pain

Do you suffer from back pain?

Back pain is very common.  Approximately half of the UK adult population report lower back pain for at least 24hrs over the course of a year.  An estimated 4 out of 5 adults will suffer from back pain in at some point in their lives.

Back pain can be presented in many forms.  

Do you experience pain in your back as well as shoulders, legs, knees or neck? You may not realise, these symptoms are usually related!

There are a few different types of back pain.

Specific Spinal Pathology - usually Arthritic in nature and accounts for only 1 in 100 cases

Nerve Root pain - commonly called trapped nerve pain including sciatica but accounting for around only 5% of cases

Non Specific back pain - the cause is not clear, as the name would suggest. 19 out of 20 cases will fall into this category. 

So if you have being diagnosed or believe yourself to have non-specific back pain, what next?

After 10 years of working with patients with back pain I have experienced many cases of persistent back pain which seems unexplainable.  However, these cases are almost always partnered with either a hip alignment problem, a biomechanical problem ( how us humans move, sit, stand, walk etc) and often both. The answer often lies in correcting other parts of the skeletal and muscular system. 

What could be causing your back pain

Aside from a history of injury and structural defects, one of the biggest causes of back pain can be weight being distributed unevenly or inappropriately on the body. 

Bodily strain can be caused by a labouring day job, repetitive strain - which may even seem gentle in nature, and posture.

Sitting in awkward positions, leaning over repeatedly and lifting and carrying can cause us to neglect the bodies preferred anatomical positions.  

Of course bad habits are easy to pick up as even simple tasks such as picking something up from the floor, overstretching to pick or place an item around the home or workplace can cause unintentional strain.

What are the next steps?

If this sounds like you or anyone you know, Back2it can help by assessing the cause of your unique back and joint issues and get you up and running with a 1-to-1 physical correctional exercises in a matter of weeks. 

Many people comment what a relief it can be, after suffering from back pain for months or even years to find easy, actionable solutions with only a handful of tailored 1-to-1 treatments.

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