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4 things that maybe giving you a bad back at work or at home

Updated: May 12, 2020

We all experience bad back at some stage of our lives.

But sometimes we can manage it easily with just a few simple considerations.

Here are the most common causes of mild to moderate back pain

1. Your seating position

If you spend alot of time at your computer, looking at a tavblet or phone or just enjoy television as much as the next person? Then it is likely that you are encouraging your head and neck to strain by not having these devices at optiminal height. If you are looking down even a little reguarly you maybe forcing your back shoulders and neck to strain. consider raising the height of your screens and or looking at your seat heights.

2. Walking or standing gaits

We all as adults walk without even thinking about it. And sometimes I have seen patients who have back problems but when I watch the shape of their walk is seems like their knees or feet want to go in different directions. This will then cause the muscles and hips to work and overcompenasate which will then cause strain down one side of the body.

Look at your feet as you walk what are they doing? where do they want to go?

An even walk will make a big difference.

3. Exercises with incorrect form

My many years as a personal trainer has taught me one thing for sure. Many of us see what others do in a gym and copy. Without ever consdiering if this is correct and if it isn't what damage this could be causing.

Weight training as an example is an essential exercise for us all but lifting and pressing weights with correct form ensures we are not making our backs do the hard work for us.

4. Hip alignment

Although this can happen to us all at times, if our hips are misaligned this is cause our everyday movements to be uneven and thus causes one side of our bodies to do too much work and the other to not do their fair share. This one is a little more difficult to mix on your own if you are not sure what to look for. If you think this is you, please get in contact

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