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Get to know your back

Updated: May 14, 2020

Understand your back

The anatomy of the human spine

Here it is.

The spine consists of a series of bones called vertebrae which run from the base of ther skull down to the tail bone. Between each vertebrae lays in interverteral discs which act as shock absorbers and aid spine flexion partnered with the facet joints.

The spinal cord runs through the middle of the spine with adjacant nerves serving the whole bodies nervous system.

As you can see from the image your back can be viewed as four sections)

The cervical spine, The Thoracic Spine, The Lumbar spine, the Sacral spine

The Cervical Spine has 7 vertebrae ( commonly called C1-C7)

The Thoracic SPine has 12 vertebrae (T1- T12)

The Lumbar spine has 5 vertebrae (L1 - L5)

And the Sacrum and Coccyx . A series of fused bones making up the pelvis

What does the spine do?

The short answer is alot!

Its most important responsibilities are

  1. The protect the spinal cord and nerve processes

  2. To provide support and balance for the rest of the body to stay upright

  3. To provide flexion so we can move, flex, sit, stand and generally manovre around our environment

In modern culture it is often spoke that the “back bone of this household / company / product etc is” whatever it maybe referring to. This displays how important the back done / spine is.

But do we look after our back how we know we should.

Is it very easy to make efforts on the body so much easier by taking your backs strength for granted. And we as humans usually do get away with it. But not always.

At Back2it we believe that education and practical solutions are the key to a healthy back.

TO learn more about how to maintain a healthy back or if you already have back issues and would like to know more..

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