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I can't run, I wish I could! Is this you? read more here

Updated: May 12, 2020

This was me too.

If I could run for five mins none stop I would be impresed with myself.

But I decided I wanted to do somethng I was't very good at.

So I started by running for 1 minute at a time and then walked until I felt ready again.

Eventually just by changing my inmtervals of walking and running I felt it was time to really challenge myself. So i booked a 10km run at Blenhiem Palace.

And as I say the rest is history.

I now proudly display and standing holding all my running medals in my house.

Why am I telling you this?

well believe it or not Running is very addictive!

Infact many love it !

So if you say to me 'I can't run' unless it is because of a medical reason then I will say that is not true.

Take the challenge and try this

week 1-2 - run for 1 minute

walk for 3 mins

Week 3-4 - Run for 2 mins

Walk for 3mins

Week 5-6 - Run for 2 mins

walk for 2mins

and every couple of weeks change the goal posts and before you know it you will be a very comfortable runner.

It is that simple

Enjoy !

#passion #livinganactivelife

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